Securing the Internet of Medical Things

Built on healthcare-driven behavior analysis, Cynerio’s technology provides ongoing visibility into all clinical assets on the IT network, continuously assesses the risk associated to their behaviour, accurately detects anomalies with medical context consideration and stops malicious threats to ensure patient safety and data protection.

Cynerio Secures $7 Million Seed Round Funding to Drive US Market Development

Cynerio announced the completion of its $7 million funding round to fuel growth in North America for its 100% healthcare focused cyber security platform. Investors include global VCs, Accelmed, a leading investment firm focused on value creation for medical device companies and technologies, RDC (a joint venture between Elron and Rafael), which invests in exceptional medical device and cybersecurity companies and MTIP, a leading venture capital firm who is an expert in digital health.

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The Problem

The healthcare industry is on a journey to become connected. The rapid introduction of connected medical devices creates new opportunities for better patient care, but also introduces new challenges for securing the growing clinical ecosystem. Attackers, see medical devices are easy targets as these devices weren’t built with security in mind. Healthcare’s security teams have limited ability to protect these devices with traditional security solutions that are more focused on standard IT platforms.

The Solution

Cynerio’s tailor made solution for healthcare providers uses industry’s 1st technology which combines device behavior learning with medical workflow analysis to provide full visibility into medical device behavior and activity on the network, detect anomalies and stop the threat to ensure patient safety and data protection.


Full visibility of what devices are doing on the network & associated risk, continuous & automated device discovery and classification


Accurate real time anomaly detection with medical context consideration


Stopping malicious communications, without disrupting device operation to ensure patient safety & data protection


Secure healthcare’s weakest link – the connected medical device ecosystem
Ensure patient safety and data protection
Gain full visibility into devices on the network and their behavior
Forward looking regulatory compliance

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