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Cynerio Honored with 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Award

CyberSecurity Solution Recognized for Protection of Medical Devices Based on Deep Understanding of Clinical Workflows

Smart medical devices: Staying ahead of cybercriminals

Cynerio is keeping medical devices and hospital networks safe from cyberattacks, CEO Leon Lerman explains at MEDinIsrael in Tel Aviv.

ICS Security, Medical Devices and the Accidental Bogeyman

Swarms of hackers could maliciously target industrial facilities and hospitals. But for now, cybersecurity-related mistakes and negligence pose bigger risks.

Cynerio Named 2019 Global Excellence Award Winner in 15th Annual Info Security Product Guide Awards

Security Products Guide, the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Cynerio Gold Winner in the category of Security Products and Solutions for Healthcare in the 15th Annual 2019 Info Security Product Guide’s Global Excellence Awards®. 

Your MRI Is Hacked: Transfer $100K in Bitcoin, Please

Ransomware has come a long way since the first attack at an international AIDS conference, where each victim had to pay $189 to regain access to their computer. Now, hackers are demanding higher ransoms from healthcare organizations that have more to lose.

Cynerio Cisco ISE Integration Certified to Protect Patient Safety by Securing Connected Medical Devices

Healthcare organizations can enhance their ISE existing infrastructure with Cynerio’s healthcare-driven behavior analysis platform to gain a better understanding of the risk type and priority for each connected medical device to enforce access policies that ensure normal clinical communication flows, while blocking malicious communications that can threaten patient safety.

Healthcare cybersecurity firm Cynerio secures $7m seed funding

Cynerio has completed its $7 million funding round to fuel growth in North America for its healthcare focused cyber security platform.

Cynerio Secures $7 Million Seed Round Funding to Drive US Market Development

“Cynerio is committed to protecting the future of healthcare by focusing on its weakest link – the connected medical devices and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).” explained Leon Lerman, Cynerio CEO.

IoMT Fraud Platform Cynerio Secures $7 Million Funding

Advisers include Dr. John Halamka, Harvard’s International Healthcare Innovation Professor & Chief Information Officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Amichai Shulman, co-founder and former CTO of Imperva.

Cynerio Secures $7 Million in Funding for Medical Device Cybersecurity Platform

Israeli medical device cybersecurity startup Cynerio announces that it has completed a $7 million round of investment funding to fuel growth of its cybersecurity platform in North America. 

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Startup Cynerio Raises $7M to Expand Fraud Platform in U.S.

Founded in 2017, Cynerio’s IoMT fraud detection platform analyzes the medical workflows in the IoMT ecosystem, to automatically discover all the entities on the network, provide an ongoing healthcare specific risk analysis, accurately detect anomalies and stop threats.

Securing the 'M' in IoMT to ensure patient safety

While generic IoT security systems secure all the endpoints the same way, securing medical devices requires knowing each device’s role in the various clinical workflows to accurately assess the impact of a cyberattack on patient safety. The “M” in IoMT makes all the difference.

CEOCFO Interview with Leon Lerman

Providing a Dedicated Platform for Security of the Medical Devices and their ecosystem, Cynerio is enabling Hospitals with their many Patient Care Devices to Safely Stay Connected

The Difficulty of Gauging Health Care Cybersecurity Risk

While the threat of hacked medical devices has drummed up headlines, the bigger health care cybersecurity threat is likely commodity malware.

Imaging, IoT, and Cybersecurity: A Brave New World

There are plenty of innovations that can improve the quality of in-patient care, but their ability to communicate over internal computer networks has introduced new vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.

How to mitigate risks associated with connected medical devices

Gaining visibility into your connected medical devices and the context of their network behavior.

Part 2: How to mitigate risks associated with connected medical devices

Properly identifying, assessing and scoring the cyber-risks of medical devices on your network.

Part 3: How to mitigate risks associated with connected medical devices

Working with limited resources and still build a solid foundation that will enable effective cyber-risk mitigation strategies.

What Does Healthcare Cybersecurity Look Like in a Future of Connected Medical Devices?

How can manufacturers ensure the security of the devices they create? Furthermore, what can healthcare companies do to mitigate the risks inherent in the future of healthcare cybersecurity?

Medical Device Security Startup Launches

Cynerio – co-founded by Leon Lerman, CEO, formerly with RSA Security and Israel’s 8200 unit, and Daniel Brodie, CTO – offers a platform that provides visibility into medical device behavior on the network to detect and halt nefarious activity.

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