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Cynerio is a fast growing startup aiming to protect hospitals’ most sensitive entities – the medical devices. From infusion pumps to radiology devices, our unique solution protects lives. Backed by leading healthcare and cyber VC’s, this is an opportunity to join an exceptional core team at an early stage where every developer makes a huge difference. We are looking for people who are versatile, independent, and passionate about technology and fun to work with!

Backend Lead Developer

As the lead backend developer you will be responsible for the design and implementation of the backend infrastructure for a cutting edge healthcare IoT platform. This includes cloud machine learning infrastructure, on-premise complex algorithms implementation, and interfacing with multiple database types.

  • Strong experience with backend development (Java/Python/Go)
  • Great scripting skills (Python/Lua/Bash/etc…)
  • Strong experience with architecture
  • Very versatile and can work with multiple frameworks and platforms with ease
  • Interested in exploring new technologies, and using the right tool for the job
  • Experienced with SQL & NoSQL databases (such as Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J)
  • Knowledgeable with cloud infrastructure and big data technologies

Senior Frontend Developer

We are looking for a creative front-end developer who is passionate about delivering an amazing user interface for our healthcare customers. You will be working closely with our product to create a compelling story for our customers and bringing a state of the art dashboard to life.

  • Strong experience with current state of the art front-end tech (React/Redux, Vue.js, ES6, webpack)
  • Talented in creating incredible UIs with HTML & CSS
  • Great at creating quality mockups and prototypes
  • Some experience in backend development is a plus (Python, Node.js, …)

Senior Engine Developer

As one of the lead engineers working on our core engine, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of high-traffic network inspection and analysis engine. You will be working with unique healthcare technologies and protocols and implementing ML algorithms in very time sensitive manner on the hospitals network.

  • Strong experience with low-level development (C/C++/D/Rust)
  • Knowledge with Rust a very strong advantage
  • Good scripting skills (Python/Lua/etc…)
  • Expertise in network protocols and parsing
  • Knowledge of Linux networking infrastructure and implementation details
  • Great at prototyping new technologies

Lead DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a strong and experienced DevOps that wants to have a major influence on a unique hybrid cloud and on-premise solution targeting healthcare. You will be in charge of orchestrating, managing and monitoring our production servers, build pipelines and be a key role in delivering our awesome product to our customers.

  • Very experienced in modern cloud and container technologies (Docker, AWS)
  • Strong scripting experience (Python/Ruby/Bash/…)
  • Experience with performance monitoring solutions (such as Prometheus/statsd/etc…)
  • Experience with log management solutions (such as LogStash)
  • Knowledge with Ansible/Chef/Puppet
  • Passionate about finding the right technology for the problem

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